Cafes and Restaurants to Try in Mcleodganj

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The “Little Tibet” or Mcleodganj as it is popularly known is one of the most popular places for tourists and backpackers. This city is a journey in itself along with its peaceful and meditative vibe. It holds such vast diversities, from treks, deep into the woods experience, to different cultures and most importantly versatile food.

You will find so many exquisite delicacies to tingle your taste buds. It has a vast range of cuisines you can try ranging from Tibetan, Israeli, Korean, Bhutanese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and most importantly Himachali.

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Here I am going to provide you with the list:

Seven Hills of Dokkaebi

Situated on the Jogiwara road, just next to Ekant Lodge. You might find trouble locating this place initially, but it is worth that effort. This place has authentic Korean dishes. It is a little small place with comfortable seating, a big fireplace, and a library. You can read some good books as the chef prepares some mouth-watering cuisines. One thing is, it seems the staff apart from the chefs don’t understand the dishes. You have to write your order after going through the menu.

Seven Hills of Dokaebi - Sushi Rolls
Seven Hills of Dokkaebi

You must try the Bibimbap which is served with kimchi. It is mixed rice with vegetables and meat served with a half fried egg on top. This Place has some good vegetarian and vegan options available. Some of the specialties are Sushi & Glass Noodles, Kimbab, homemade chocolate & mousse, kimchi, gimbap Korean sushi roll. I did find this place a little heavy on the wallet. On average it might cost Rs 800-1000 (approx) for 2 people. But still, I think it’s worth trying at least once.

Namgyal Cafe

I just love momos and while I believe most places serve good ones. I found the best ones at Namgyal Cafe. This cafe is on the temple road just next to the Monastery. Momos being the specialty of the place, it also offers some Italian flavors. While they offer a variety of momos, you must try Spinach Momos, Honey lemon ginger tea. This place is vegetarian and vegan friendly. It might cost you around Rs 400 (approx) for 2 people and you get the view of the monastery as well.

Namgyal Cafe Momos
Spinach Momos at Namgyal Cafe

Woesar Bakery

Just below the Black Magic Restaurant on the Jogiwara road is this small but magnificent shop. The chef there provides the best carrot cakes in town. She also provides the best hand beaten coffee and I just loved it. The place does have limited gluten free and vegan options available. Apart from the famous carrot cake and hand-beaten coffee, you must try the banana flapjack. The place is small with hardly 3 tables but beautifully decorated. I love that they have put all the currencies of the world on display. It might cost you around 400 (approx) for 2 people.

Woesar Bakery
Woesar Bakery Mcleodganj

Tibetan Kitchen

You just can’t miss this place if you want to try out good authentic Tibetan, Bhutanese food. Located in the main bazaar junction of Mcleod. This place has 3 floors and ample seating. When you reach the main Mcleo Bazaar, you won’t miss this shop. You must try the steamed momos and Kung Pao Chicken here. On average it might cost you around Rs 600 for 2 people.

Tibetean Kitchen Bhutanese Dish
Bhutanese Dish in Tibet Kitchen

Trekkers Cafe:- Taste of Himachal

Talking about authentic Himachali food in town. You need to walk on the Bhagsu road from the main bazaar junction and just a few metres to the left you will find a place with a small shed and limited seating. Don’t go with the rickety looks and that non fancy no wall structure. The food is the best authentic himachali food. It is very friendly on the budget and if you are a backpacker out on a journey, you should not miss this place. It offers authentic Himachali Dham, do try that.

Trekkers Cafe
Trekkers Cafe- The Taste of Himachal

Shiva Cafe

Well, to be true, this place hardly needs any introduction. It is by far the most loved cafe, and if you have ever visited Bhagsu falls, you wouldn’t have missed it. This place is a delight and always busy as people come here for the Bhagsu Falls, a small trek, and then the refreshing view good food at Shiva cafe is rejuvenating. It offers Indian, fast food, international. Also, the restaurant has some vegan & vegetarian options available as well. The food is decent here, but the cafe is very well-decorated with art and quotes. You can try some Israeli dishes here. The food here will cost you around Rs 400 approx for 2 people.

Shiva Cafe Bhagsu Nag
Shiva Cafe Mcleodganj

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Khaana Nirvaana – Vegan Food Hub

Located on the Dalai Lama road, this place is a vegan food den and with its exquisite cuisines and a lovely view. Khaana Nirvana serves all-vegan food which is fresh with no preservatives and is totally organic. You must try the apple cider and pahadi kababs with mint chutney here. You will find American, Indian, and Israeli food here. It will cost you Rs 400 (approx) for 2 people.

Lung Ta- Japanese Restaurant

If you are looking for Authentic Japanese food, you can’t miss this place. The place is on the Jogiwara road. This place is famous for its vegetarian Japanese dishes. This place also serves vegan and gluten-free food. You can try red bean sweet bread, sushi. The best thing to opt for would be a Japanese meal platter. The best part about this is it’s very budget-friendly and the staff is good. It will cost you around Rs 400(approx) for 2 people.

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

This place is an absolute delight with a classy look and a view of the mountains. This place is located on the 1st floor on the Bhagsu road. It serves Italian cuisine as the name already mentions it. It does have an outdoor seating area with a scenic view. You have vegetarian and vegan options available. This place is famous for Pizza, Pasta, Chocolate Mousse, Ravioli. You can also try the Iced Peach Tea and Hot Chocolate, Pie. This place has good customer service and it will cost you around Rs 600 (approx) for 2 people.

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