Ladakh Travelogue A Dream Ride Part 1 – Beginning

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I clearly remember two days before my trip, lying down on my roof and counting the stars. One of my acquaintances had asked me to join a road trip to Ladakh. If you ask me, at that moment I had no idea, I was going to be a part of this epic journey. Sounds Interesting, doesn’t it? And as Interesting as it sounds it was chaotic and fearful for me. Wanna know why?

Bidding farewell to Delhi, I stepped out to begin my dream journey. It has been 3 years now. I started my journey to Ladakh with 4 unknown guys, whom I had hardly met once before. But I believe life is all about taking risks and getting ready for challenges.

A love affair with the mountains will directly lead you to the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature. Ladakh is a very beautiful and versatile place that is a must-visit for everyone. This place is known for its reputed scenic beauty and magnificent views.

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

It was 11 o’clock in the night when we started and we stopped at Amrik Sukhdev to have some food. And, I remember that I had finally introduced myself with 3 of them; as I already knew one of them, I said – “Dekho yar kathey rhna h 10 din to intro kr lete hain” (look, we have to stay together for the next 10 days, we should introduce ourselves)

Well, the place is famous for its Aloo paratha but here you can find out lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes. Also, the place is a major landmark on the GT road with its great ambiance and delicious food. What else do you need?

The road passed and I started to believe that I am very close to my destination. That was early morning when I opened my eyes with the first ray of sun in the morning.

Following the mentioned below route we finally reached Pathankot and took a Chai wala break (tea-break). You can also read the detailed information on our Ladakh Travel Guide, the land of high passes.

Delhi- Panipat- Karnal- Ambala- Ludhiana- Jalandhar- Pathankot- Jammu- Udhampur- Kud- Patnitop- Peerah- Jawahar Tunnel- Anantnag- Srinagar

Onroute to Ladakh | DELHI – SRINAGAR

Yes, our first stay was in Srinagar and it took us around 19 hr from Delhi. After taking a halt in Pathankot for 30 minutes we started again at 9:30 AM and now the view through the curvy roads started to excite the eyes. I was feeling the change in weather, the purity of air which I had never found in Delhi.

It was noon & we decided to eat something as we were driving continuously for a long time and we’re tired. So, we stopped somewhere at a roadside Dhaba. I ordered Maggi and Tea and the rest of them were eating aloo paratha with some pickle and curd. As I was lying down outside on a wooden cot, suddenly a snake came near that cot as it was the village area. I screamed out loud and some people in that Dhaba helped me to drive him away.

At 6:00 PM, we finally reached Srinagar and stayed in a beautiful cozy hotel in the area. The view was perfect from my room as I finally felt that peace when I was standing at the window and looking at those beautiful mountains. The interior of the hotel looked quite attractive with its antique decoratives and a snooker table placed in the middle of the patio.

I took a bath and slept for 2 hours. Around 9:00 PM we went outside for dinner and planned to go to Lal Chowk, the ailing heart of Srinagar. The food was very delicious and authentic Kashmiri tingling my tastebuds.

The Next Day………..

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3 years ago

Story is interesting as you started the trip with strangers. 19 hours of travelling in a single day!! I am sure the next day wud have been a lazy day for you guys. 😊