How to Rent a Bike for Ladakh

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Remember, the locals of the Ladakh do not allow outside rented bikes. So you would have to rent a new bike in Leh to roam around Ladakh. Also, the conditions of the bike in Manali is not that good. So be sure while renting the bike from the dealers. Check it properly, go for a test drive in Manali, and jet out your journey only when you are convinced. You will get so many options for rented bikes from Himalayan to Royal Enfield to Pulsars and so on, but find your comfort, controls, and only then will you enjoy the beautiful scenic ride on the Leh- Manali highway.

For a detailed journey please read our complete travel guide to Ladakh.

There is no shortage of options in Manali for rented bikes but do not make any pre-bookings. It is very important to test the bike first and only then make the choice. Depending upon the choice of your bike the price varies depending upon the engine. The cost of hiring ranges between Rs 1000- Rs 1800 per day.

You have to submit a photocopy of your Driving License to complete the paperwork and the security amount which depends on the choice of the bike.


If you have your bike then you are good, if not then you can rent a bike from Srinagar. Preferably, you should rent the bike from Leh, as the only reason is tour operators and the locals of Ladakh do not allow outside rented bikes in the region. Even if you have rented a bike from Srinagar you would still have to rent another bike from Leh. 

You can easily get the rental bikes along with the bike gears like; helmet, knee, and elbow guards from the Leh market by submitting the photocopy of your Driving License at the various prices starting from Rs 1000. Also, if you are good at negotiating, well, give it a try! you might find yourself lucky. For extra gears, an extra amount of Rs 350 per day will be charged including the carrier.

As the route is not very smooth throughout the journey, Royal Enfield with a bigger engine capacity is the most recommended bike for this adventure destination. Engine size from 150 -200 CC will cost you Rs 1000 per day and the charges vary depending on the engine.

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