Jalori Pass- A Gateway to the Paradise

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“What Is The Desire That Pleases The Eyes”

If you are traveling with your loved ones, then what better place can be there then the one which gives peace to the soul and peace to the mind. Well, Jalori Pass or Jalori Jot is the right place to escape from the hustle-bustle of life for 4 days which definitely gives you breathtaking and eyegasmic views. Also, the place takes you to the next world through pearly gates.

Jalori Pass is the mountain pass situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 3,120m (10,236 ft) above the sea level. It is an easily accessible and well connected motorable pass with a mix of good-bad, rugged, narrow roads. You can try to find out an offbeat destination but do not go to a very remote place; as this location provides good places to stay and all facilities with a scenic view.

How to Reach Jalori Pass

It was mid of March and we started our journey at midnight from Chandigarh to Jalori Pass. Trust me, this place is a gateway to paradise which leads you to places like Jibhi, Serloskar Lake, Tirthan Valley, and the Great Himalayan National Park.

There are two ways to reach Jalori pass; either via Shimla or you can drive via Mandi and you can find several modes of transport from Delhi; as well as from Chandigarh. Depending upon your feasibility one can take a bus from Delhi or Chandigarh, or you can board a cab or shared cabs or you can take your bicycle to get lost in the mountains. But what I feel like is, the best and most convenient way would be to drive in your own car.

If you are driving all the way on your own, just follow the route as mentioned below.

Chandigarh- Kandaghat- Shimla- Matiyana – Narkanda- Kingal – Anni- Khanag- Jalori Pass

The second route to follow if you are coming from Delhi and choose to go via Mandi.

Delhi- Karnal- Ambala- Chandigarh- Bilaspur- Sundernagar- Mandi- Banjar- Jibhi- Shoja- Jalori Pass

**One thing keep in your mind, you must not enter the Aut Tunnel, take a U-turn and exit towards your right or else confirm with locals.

Places to Visit in Jalori Pass

Like I said before, this place is a gateway to many panoramic views. Yes, you are in the right place to find so many resources for natural meditation as the place provides you with the waterfalls, scenic views, top-rated mountains, and nice weather. There are so many beautiful attractions which give you spine-tingling and amazing views of the Dhauladhar Range and much more.

  • 360-degree view
  • Serolsar Lake
  • Jibhi
  • Tirthan Valley

There is no end to learn the ropes and explore offbeat locations. But, I shall throw the spotlight on the major attractions and the nearby places.

360 Degree View

This place is not just a keep an eye on and if you are a Bollywood buff you would be aware that Ranbir & Deepika shot a scene from the movie “Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani”. Just about half an hour walk in the summers and about an hour walk if the snow is above your feet would take you to the mind-numbing view. A hypnosis of the mind through the beauty of nature. Giving you a clear view of the whole valley and has a Bhairo Nath temple at the top.

Serolsar Lake

Once you reach the Jalori pass, the place provides you with directions to start your journey to the serolsar lake. As the trek is very moderate, one can complete the distance of 6 km in just 2 hours and it totally depends upon the speed of an individual as the route is a mixture of downward and upward routes through the dense forest.


This is the place where you find yourself lost in the dense pine trees with quiet surroundings. Trust me there is no better place you can find to relax your mind. I have been so many mountains but the serenity of this place and the picturesque view is unique here. You can visit the forest area and cross several bridges to reach the waterfall which could be a short destination.

Tirthan Valley

Well, this is the place where you will find yourself get lost in the watersheds and camping sites to trek to. This place is unexplored and a little remote, but one can experience a great time surrounded by clouds. Also, you can trek to the Great Himalayan National Park. If I talk about the distance it’s just 16 km from Jibhi so one can visit easily.

Places to Stay in Jalori Pass

There are many places to stay near Jalori Pass, and you can opt-in for homestays, hotels, or camping near riverside.

You can stay at Khanag it is just 3 km away from the Jalori Pass and the place has a beautiful view of the valley.

If you want to stay under the stars, 360 degrees is a great place. The trek starts from Jalori Pass and you can easily find guides and porters, in case you require them, the trek is not very steep. I would recommend you to try this place, maybe you might also find your love like Ranbir.

If you prefer to take a stay in Jibhi, I would recommend you to stay in “Treehouse” or “Mudhouse cafe” in Jibhi. I would really suggest you stay in “The Green Alpine, Jibhi” as the place gives you a stupendous experience throughout.

You can also book the place by directly calling on +91-8219518794 (Guddu bhaiya), I personally recommend this place for a treehouse as well as for hotel rooms at the best prices.

Best Time to Visit Jalori Pass

HANG ON, ask yourself for what your eyes are craved, because you have your own choices, so, it totally depends on a person when they get up and go.

December – February

Jalori Pass remains closed during the time due to heavy snowfall in the area.


If you love winters and want to spot snowfall then march-mid is the great time to visit as one cannot cross the pass in early March.

But YES, April & May is the perfect time to witness the scenery with pleasant cold weather.

June – August

June is the perfect time for treks and camping as the roads are all open and the weather is slightly warmer.

Preferably, one should not visit in the month of July-August due to heavy rainfall and landslides on the way anytime anywhere. BUT, if you really want to envelope yourself in between the clouds and experience a green forest, then you can step up, as the scenery is capped with clouds in every place.

September – November

Indeed, this is the ideal time to visit the lush green valley with golden orange in the trees. You can meet up with the colorful scenery which bounds your eye to watch the flawless views.

Most likely, you will find it cold in the month of November and you will definitely need to pack your woolen stuff.


  • Do not forget to carry woolen stuff if you are traveling in late October.
  • Do not forget to keep your tanks full from Mandi. Due to fewer transport facilities, there are fewer petrol pumps.
  • I would suggest to withdraw enough cash from Mandi because ATM facilities are less throughout the way.
  • Please carry your wastage and plastic stuff with yourself. DO NOT THROW anything in the hills as our hills are vulnerable.
Jibhi with Friends

So, what are you waiting for? Jump out, pack your bag, and be a witness to see the serene beauty of nature. This place definitely takes you through many gateways at a very affordable budget & affordable time as well.

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