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Postmaster starts early, it’s going to be a long walk to Kaza, from there a bus to Rekong Peo leaves at the first light. Rinchen Chhering the postmaster at Hikkim post office smiles as I ask him if my post would be delivered. “Aapne toh naam he nai likha ismein”( You have not written your name on the postcard). Being Skeptical as I write my name, i gave it back to him. He stamps it and says it’s done.

At an elevation of 14,400 ft Hikkim a small town with not more than 50 houses. The houses are beautifully structured with mud, wood, and hay on the top to shelter people from harsh winters. The mercury drops to as low as -20 Degree on the Celsius scale in winters. Hikkim is about 16 km from Kaza, i.e. about a 40 minute drive through the snaky roads of Spiti.

What makes Hikkim such an amazing place is not that it has the highest post office. But the fact that one is driving through such beautiful landscapes away from human disturbances, where the nature is truly at its glory. The vivid and natural colours, leaves one tongue-tied, words are not enough to do justice to the experience one has.

The Story

As I reached Hikkim, I could see some construction going on, the bricks lying, workers lifting and a tractor parked horizontally blocking the road. Its really hard to imagine such heavy machinery being operated at such a height. But this really was the only event I saw in which humans expanding their settlements. Probably they might be preparing for the tourist season.

Anyways as I started walking into the village, the first sight was seeing the Himalayan Cafe. Just next to it, the white building with a Hay Shed, a 4-ft narrow blue wooden door. It had the Red Sign of the Indian Post Office marked with the words “Highest Post Office in the World”.

As I sat down under the fluffy clouds with clear blue skies, wondering while sipping my Seabuckthorn Tea. What should I post from the highest post of in the world (or so it is called)? I felt that I could not be luckier than I was at such a picturesque location untouched by human hands.

A Message to Myself

After thinking for some time. I had finally figured out for whom I had to write and what. I wrote to my future self, expecting if it reaches me, it might take at least a month or so. The quote I wrote to my future self was:

“Live a Life you will remember”~ Avicii

And I was about to sip the last of my exotic tea. Knowing that it is going to be my last moments here. I relish the cotton clouds embracing the snow-laden mountains. Enjoying every bit of the chill of the cold wind and warmth of the Sun. I could feel my body melting to the mesmerizing experience.

I got up went in through the narrow door searching for the postmaster who was busy preparing his afternoon meal. He asked me to wait in the office. And as he stamped the postcard, the mystery for me was if the message from a month younger me will reach the future me. It was time to leave with the happy me. I had to move on to Komic which is considered as the highest motorable village and about 4 km from Hikkim.

PS: The postcard did reach me.

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